“Open eyes, open mind, please do not take selfie!” This is the Christian Louboutin’s joy and uncompromising way of life and work, along with Loubitag’s animation in the spring/summer of 2018. Christian Louboutin By virtue of a clear logo, as well as the collection of the spirit of figures and information, cleverly all kinds of styles of men’s shoes and leather goods across the collection.

Whether in Tokyo, New York, Berlin or Dubai, Christian Louboutin’s personal appearance is known for its fun and memorable. Before personalizing their work, he should not only use his signature, but also interesting graffiti, lucky charms, and even secret notes to establish contacts during the conversation. Like the first guestbook open to the public, Loubitag has edited more than 25 years of design, narrating stories and emotions.

From Christianity, Have love: Introducing Loubitag

Open the eyes of the expression, sweet multicolored hearts and a playful request to stop the obsession of Selfie – Loubitag embodies Christian Louboutin’s style and philosophy. He is passionate about human connections and imaginative imagination, expressing himself with silk and patented, nylon and embossed leather. Loubitag came to the bold knee-high boots Moulin Noir, in a white or black patent leather version of So Kate, feeling his way through an open-toe to the Jersey upper and fingertips at the ankle wrapped in silk scarves. Louis Sneakers is a classic and deeply loved men’s sports shoes, the same use of black or white patent leather Loubitag processing.

From Christianity, Have love: Introducing Loubitag

The leather in the collection offers a perfect canvas, Loubitag lures the complex beading in the Paloma clutch, the large canvas splashing in the Cabata tote, and the new Spiked Sky bag and Backloubi backpack for the 2018.

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