Christian Louboutin Women Boots: Style, fabric, details Aspect of the fall and winter in detail. Buckles, belts, lace, studs, everything can be seen on this season’s shoes. Suede boots once again popular, rare leather continues to pop. In addition, mixed leather occupies a prominent position. And from ankle to knee, the range of length of boots is very wide now.
In the cold winter, high heel knee boots or flat heel boots are the most popular items. They are hot and tightly wrapped around the legs, used to match stockings, jeans or shorts are good.
Victoria Beckham (Victoria Beckham) went to the Grand Theater in Moscow on March 24, 2010 is still wearing her iconic black skirt with Christian Louboutin Red Solo Boots, exquisite curvy curve makes people excited. Pure black is a bit tedious, dazzling jewels at the foot of blue suddenly finishing touch, star-studded.

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